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The Contributions Calculator is available to help you plan your contributions. It takes in the known input to start the simulation, and then allows you to adjust the final stock price to determine the following:

  • How many shares will you receive on the purchase date?

  • Will you end up over-contributing if the stock price falls?

  • How much IRS limit will be carried over to the next offering period.

It will also show you how much cash you will receive back after purchasing the shares, and what kind of gain you'll see when the shares are purchased.


Stock Symbol: This is the stock symbol of the company that is offering the ESPP.

Offering Date: This is the date at which the offering period begins.

Purchase Date: This is the date at which the offering period ends and the shares will be purchased.

Offering Date FMV: This is the stock price of the company on the offering date. The calculator will attempt to provide the amount based on the stock symbol and offering date which you can click to auto-fill the input.

Contribution Amount: This is the total amount you will contribute to the plan over the offering period.

Advanced Inputs

IRS Limit: This is your current IRS limit for this offering period. The default is $25,000, but could be different based on previous purchases. Read more about the $25,000 Limit.

Discount: This is the discount % that will be applied to the purchase price on the purchase date. The default is 15%.

Shares Limit: This is the maximum number of shares that can be purchased based on the plan. The default is 2000.

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